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Mindset Matters

Mindset is the genesis for everything! As you may already know, it often determines our outcomes. Creating a healthy mindset can be a challenge, especially now, but there is hope! Here are three steps to build the right frame of mind to help get you through these difficult times.


Much like making nutritional goals for yourself, your environment plays a big part with your mindset as well. As some of you may have experienced, having your favorite cookies, pies and other unhealthy foods in your pantry makes eating well a much bigger challenge.

For your mindset, it's not all that different. You might be wondering: How can I possibly keep from sinking into a negative mood when all I hear about on the news is scary and sad?

While you can’t throw away the news like you can unhealthy foods from the pantry, you can certainly limit your intake. Experts recommend limiting news intake to one hour per day. Yes, it’s important to be informed, but a high dosage of focusing on things outside of your control isn’t great for your wellbeing. Thankfully, limitation isn’t the only strategy you have for keeping a healthy mindset.

Next, let's start looking at some of the silver linings that are coming out of the situation. Focus on the people who have been healed, the new innovations that are being created to serve others, and the greater sense of compassion that’s developing in the world as we work together to get through this crisis.

Take comfort in knowing that there’s more you can do to build a healthy mindset. What other positive influences can you bring into your mental space today? Let’s take a look at some options.


I’ve heard of many great ways that people are keeping themselves healthy these days. Having an exercise routine, even while at home, is a great way to stay both physically healthy and relieve stress & anxiety. Others are completing household projects that give them a sense of accomplishment as well as a chance to relax and enjoy a more organized home.

Mindful action doesn’t have to be a physical activity. You can also keep your mind sharp with puzzles, matching games, and other brainteasers another a great way to give your mind a rest from negative thoughts.

Most of all, remember your passions in life. What makes you feel alive? For some, it’s reading inspiring books, practicing hobbies, and spending time with friends. Many of these things are still possible but may have to be done in creative ways either solo or together online. What would you like to do?


During this time remind yourself that it’s ok to be sad and anxious about the future. There is nothing wrong with having worries, but having that worry rule your life is harmful to you, both mentally and physically. You may have heard the quote “get busy living or get busy dying” from the film Shawshank Redemption or as a variation of a famous Bob Dylan quote.

While you might be feeling trapped in your own home, understand that by taking proper precautions you are staying safe as well as helping to de-escalate the crisis. Know that, in this time, you still have opportunities to better yourself and help comfort others. Remind yourself of the good news that is out there and remember your passions in life. This is a time that can remind us just how precious life is, so let’s use our blessings wisely.

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Mark Connor

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

#mindfulness #antianxiety #personalcontemplation

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