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Living life after loss is beyond tough...

Living life after loss can be extremely challenging...probably the most difficult challenge you'll ever face. You might even be thinking "Designing my life? That sounds CRAZY!"

I get it. Once upon a time, it sounded ludicrous to me, too--but it's literally what has helped me transform existing into living.

Lifestyle design is an art-meets-science kind of process. It's seeing a goal and embracing the gap between. It's the willingness to both look for the hidden gems and to be open to seeing that they might be in right in front of you. It's accepting that the distance between "what we want" and "where we are" will absolutely require effort from us. It's seeing that the development of skills, and employment of patience, levity and perseverance are all within our power; AND THEN daring to take the wheel.

My Mission

It's my mission is to bring people to a place of remembering themselves, seeing the truth and embracing it all: appreciating the haves; acknowledging the have-nots as well as the possibilities; and accepting that they have innate superpowers to create their future... IF they would simply be willing to: first, dream with their eyes wide open; and second, to build their skills--to be able to live well, serve well, and savor the moments they have.

My Role

It's my honor & privilege to guide you through the dark; to bring my light and to partner with you to stoke yours; to help you breathe life into your hopes, dreams & abilities; and to act as a mirror to both brighten the scene to help you see more clearly; to encourage you and walk you through to reclaim the abandoned parts of you from within that space (wherever that may be inside), and; to finally lead you out of the darkness and teach you how to ADJUST, design and build your life to spec for the next chapter--so that you can be whole and free to embrace your life to live Happily EVEN After, stronger and able to carry on with self-confidence because you practiced! You did it all with your own effort.

I am not blind nor fearless. I simply have practiced more frequently as well as have committed to serving those who aim to walk through hell with faith, a clear spirit of intention, and to keep going all the way through to the other side of it.

The Struggle is Real

Happily EVEN After Living (HEAL) is real, and so is the struggle. You don't have to go it alone, and you don't have to stay stuck. There is another option...

Join us on the adventure to grow our skills and abilities, to connect the dots and to share the secrets of navigating uncharted territory to ADJUST our course: to live Happily EVEN After.

I would love to hear from you...

In what area of your life could you dare to dream differently than what you have now?


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