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Brave enough: another part of my journey & Love letter to you

This week, I announced the new program: 3 Phases of Happily EVEN After

It's definitely another moment of "courage practice" for me to highlight and share this milestone with each of you.

I couldn't have done any of this work over the past couple of years without all the support and love from family & friends; the healing guidance from my therapist and local support groups; and finally becoming a student and mentee of professional coaches, social scientists, professors, trainers and other teachers to bring me back to life, and encourage me to build again, with purpose.

It is my great honor to continue to build this resource and create space to share with others--all from the love that remains and continues to miraculously expand beyond measure despite the devastating grief experiences I've endured, like many of you.

I thank you, Love, for encouraging me to be brave enough to continue seeing the light even in the darkest hours.

Because of you, I've felt brave enough to walk through the scariest parts of my suffering.

Brave enough to shine light onto my fears, and to reclaim the parts of myself I once disowned.

Because of you, I've felt brave enough to reconnect with myself, with you, our family & friends, and even dare to make new friends.

Because of you, I've felt brave enough to try again.

Brave enough to fail...and to get back up.

Brave enough to explore, and to see things differently.

Because of you, I am brave enough to realize and embrace my purpose...

...and to fathom that somehow, I am actually enough as I am in this moment.

Because of you, I feel brave enough to share what I've studied, practiced and healed from; with others I don't yet know by name,

those who are looking to answer that gut-wrenching question "what now?".

As strange, frightening, and challenging as the journey has been at many times, I remain so very grateful for all of it; and now can't help but look for ways to continue to grow, connect, share, and practice Love as best as I know how, each and every day.

I aim to live life well, embrace my purpose, and serve those daring enough to fathom the idea of looking beyond the darkest edge of their suffering.

I'll be waiting & ready with the Light I've been given to help each of you find your way, and feel brave enough, too.

#couragepractice #posttraumaticgrowth #NEL #loveismyreligion

#NEL #Meetup #CouragePractice #posttraumaticgrowth

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