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How does this resonate with you?

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a video of a poet--Sabrina Benaim, whose works I'm not yet familiar with--reading these words:

I am feeling better.

So I say good morning,

and mean it... and that's a big deal.

Yes, today is a good morning

to exhale,

to feel joy,

with the release of a breath I no longer need to be holding.

I am not alone because I feel alone.

I am not alone because I feel alone.

I am not alone because I feel alone with company.

When I look in the mirror

I will find a reflection of the gifts I am withholding from myself.

Light hits everything at a different angle.

I will make it a habit of tilting my head.

When the sadness waterfalls

I will let the salt cleanse the wounds I cannot see.

I will let dance parties be the hospitals I heal in.

If I need more help I will let the people offering help me.

If I need more help I will let the medication help me.

I forgive my body for being a machine after all.

I forgive my memory for being the cupboard door that will continue to pop ajar no matter how many times I push it shut.

I forgive myself.

Even if I am the last person I want to forgive.

Wherever I have come from,

Wherever I am going,

I will remember the present as the only place to start.

Today is a good day

to wake up and be great

and have gratitude

for the restless pump of a heart

for the way it does not know how to hold back

I will exhale and I will begin to do the same.

Do her words resonate with you, too?

I'd love to hear from you--what poems, songs, books, or quotes speak to you?

#depression #creativeexpression #overcomingobstacles #memories #griefmourning

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