Our Story

ADJUST began meeting in late 2017,
as an informal group of brave widows and widowers who were determined to find meaning, purpose, hope and a way forward through their devastating experiences.

...and we've all become so much more than that since.


Our Story

ADJUST began meeting in late 2017,
as an informal group of brave widows and widowers who were determined to find meaning, purpose, hope and a way forward through their devastating experiences.

...and we've all become so much more than that since.

Roz very suddenly lost her young husband & best friend (who was younger & seemingly healthier than her) to undetected cardiovascular disease at age 38.


Their deep connection of friendship and love was often commented on by passersby who would feel compelled to compliment the couple. It was a devastating loss and a challenge beyond measure for her to learn to survive him.


Following the funeral, Roz barely got up out of bed, ate, showered or much of anything. Not even sleep.


The days seemed to last for weeks, minutes seemed like days, and the horrible re-realization and flashbacks were a living nightmare on-loop. This intensely debilitating condition lasted for over a third of the year. We now understand it as a form of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.


Roz was eventually "loved back to life" through support from family, friends, as well as a talented psychologist who accommodated Roz's fragile state by providing video appointment sessions.


With Roz's baseline stability increasing, she eventually participated in local grief support groups to be among others who had also lost loved ones.

Since then, Roz's journey has taken her from starting the informal group in 2017, through coping with additional losses and onto abandoning the pursuit of a successful 18-year corporate career to pursue designing her own life, switching gears to take up grief counseling coursework, certification training, as well as continue her research & development of a curriculum-based lifestyle design program to empower clients who are looking to actively transition from the 5 Stages of Grief into the 3 Phases of Happily EVEN After through mindfulness, discovery, coaching and practice. 


it is the brave ones
who gently admit
their discomfort,
and show up anyway,
who are often the unsung

(not unnoticed or unappreciated)
heroes of the lost.

Lifestyle Design

RozLilia Salgado Lue

RozLilia Salgado Lue

Certified Bereavement Group Facilitator, Lifestyle Design Engineer & Coach

Quote that often helps me reset...

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today" Cherokee Proverb

My guiding intention...

to partner with clients to provide simple, step-by-step practices, guidance, encouragement, a safe space to explore, and companioned discovery along their adventure to a life well-lived. And, whenever I can make it fun and light-hearted, I feel it can help ease the strain that can come with some of the toughest challenges.

My ADJUST toolkit

I've taken from over 40 years of my personal life experience, 18-year professional career, and "learner for life" and "can-do" attitudes to create ADJUST Lifestyle Design from the ground up.

I saw life with new eyes after the dust settled in the aftermath of my husband and best friend's sudden death. I abandoned my pursuit of a successful corporate design career to take up work that had deeper meaning to me: empowering real people to reclaim their hopes and abilities to live life well.


I wanted to find a way to make the things that matter to me, matter to me...so I enrolled in grief counseling coursework, certification trainings, pursuit of field experts, participated in studies and coaching programs; all while I continued to research and develop ADJUST's curriculum-based lifestyle design program.

To develop this program, I've also reapplied my experiences with visual design, creative problem solving, process & systems development, project management, client service, and a deep appreciation for organization. I combine these skills with insights on loss and trauma, as well as my light-hearted perspectives to develop thoughtful, easy-to-approach and down-to-earth methods to create a more universal framework for participants to achieve their highly personalized version of "Happily EVEN After."

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©2018 by ADJUST Lifestyle Design. 


PLEASE NOTE: While ADJUST's program content, concepts, and techniques developed based on research and philosophies (ranging from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, logotherapy, mindfulness, grief studies, social science research, as well as countless other resources, training, and traditions), 
ADJUST Lifestyle Design, its coaching, and services are not to be considered therapy, counseling, nor consulting of any kind. 

Please seek the attention of a mental healthcare specialist and/or support groups, as needed.


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