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Tackling the Issue

At ADJUST, we help facilitate small group discussions to create a safe space and a sense of community to explore our universal and individual experiences, ask questions and allay fears together.

We'll walk through our own grief journeys knowing that we are not alone, and that there is respite and help available when we need it most.

During our time together, we'll develop our own personal strategies to empower us as unique individuals to rebuild our life; and write the new chapters one day, one word at a time.

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Cultivating Hope Makes a Difference

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and the Comfort Skills Training initiative helps us better prepare to "be there" for our family, friends & colleagues who are grieving, survivors of loss–ready to manage unique situations with strategies and toolkits to provide meaningful support.

We don't only want to empower widows and widowers to get through the hard stuff & build lives they can love again–we also want to help build community awareness, and social support so that real support is there when we all need it most.

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