Lifestyle design is the process of making your dreams a reality. 
It starts with a commitment to yourself to live life well... in every way you can right now.


Live with vitality,

be well.


Live intentionally,
be brave.


Live authentically,
be you.

You've got this...and we've got your back


We know that living well, loving well and focusing on what really matters can get a little tricky in today's modern society. 


Integrated support can be a huge success factor--not only for creating but also for sustaining your "Happily EVEN After" Lifestyle.


That's why ADJUST is working to assemble like-minded specialists to provide our community with access to multi-faceted support for your proactive efforts to be well, be you, and be happy.

RozLilia Salgado Lue

Roz is a certified group facilitator, lifestyle design engineer & coach. Since her young husband's sudden death, she's struggled & recovered from debilitating depression; and now helps re-empower others to design their own "Happily EVEN After".

RozLilia Salgado Lue

Lifestyle Design

This individual is focused on partnering with clients and providing guidance through processing complex emotional and behavioral patterns resulting in the aftermath of trauma.

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Trauma Recovery

This individual focuses on helping clients develop strategies to build resilience and manage their daily stresses to increase their capacity for joy & fulfillment.

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Stress Management

This individual focuses on helping clients develop a healthy relationship with food and developing strategies to address their personal needs.

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Healthy Eating

This individual focuses on helping clients developing mindful practices to improve and maintain optimal health & well-being.

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This individual focuses on helping clients develop a mindful relationship with their body and discover enjoyable activities to support their health & well-being.

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This individual invites clients to approach to process their emotions through a safe, healthy outlet.

To Be Announced

Creative Expression

This individual focuses on helping clients develop the confidence and skills to express themselves and build healthy connections with others.

To Be Announced


Disclaimer: Please discuss your needs, scheduling, terms of service, fees, and other arrangements directly with each provider. Featured specialists are not employees or representatives of ADJUST Lifestyle Design. ADJUST Lifestyle Design does not endorse, nor is responsible for content, opinions or services provided by the specialists it recommends, features or suggests.

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PLEASE NOTE: While ADJUST's program content, concepts, and techniques developed based on research and philosophies (ranging from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, logotherapy, mindfulness, grief studies, social science research, as well as countless other resources, training, and traditions), 
ADJUST Lifestyle Design, its coaching, and services are not to be considered therapy, counseling, nor consulting of any kind. 

Please seek the attention of a mental healthcare specialist and/or support groups, as needed.


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