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Social support makes a world of difference.

How to be a comfort for survivors

Take a crash course in compassion

Research shows that having a strong circle of social support is a key factor in actively healing after a loss. 

Are you familiar with the awkwardness that sets in when someone you care about is suffering after the death of a loved one? Too often, most of us don't know what to do or say–terrified to do "the wrong thing".


Sometimes we're too quick to repeat an empty platitude, or we say something that accidentally hits a nerve, or worse–we stay silent or maybe disappear altogether; simply adding to the hurt and loss.

It's not your fault.

If this is you, too–please know it's not your fault AND that you can do something about it! There is so much miseducation that has been normalized, especially in the United States, about grief, death, and loss over decades. Not only are the things we taught outdated or incomplete–many of them are actually contributing to the suffering and isolation in our homes, communities and workplaces. what can you do?

Did you know?

Loneliness can be a bigger health risk than obesity or smoking


according to a Brigham Young University
review a 30-60% increased risk of death.​

Grief costs
Over $278 billion in lost productivity


Data excerpted from "Paws to Comfort" by Jen Marr

Female Presenter

Get trained!

Comfort is an evidence-based learnable skill.

Together, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community–starting with our family, friends & colleagues. Loneliness is not about being alone. It's feeling like no one cares about you. We know you care, so get trained! Let us help you show it, and learn how to avoid saying & doing "the wrong things".

Part of ADJUST's mission is to encourage whole communities to stay better connected, become more compassionate and help course-correct hurtful cultural norms, building support for future needs of others who will eventually also experience difficulties in life. That's why we've added certified Comfort Skills Trainers to our Service Provider Network! Now you can be better equipped to "be there" for your family, friend, neighbor, or colleague!

Get in touch with us today and see how you can book comfort skills training for family, friends, and neighbors, or for groups in the workplace.

Get Comfort Skills Traning
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