Integrative Grief +

Growth Support

When a beloved partner dies, we're here to help you...

...get through the hard stuff &
find ways to love life again.

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ADJUST can help

Manage the stress of major life changes.

Develop lasting resilience, life skills, and confidence.

Increase your capacity for hope, joy & love.


8 surprises about grieving

the death of a beloved partner


Seeing your "happily ever after" shattered can be even more devastating than you imagined.​


Life hardly seems fair, or to make much sense anymore.


"Being strong" hurts when you have a broken heart. Everyday things can be a struggle.


Focusing can be tough. Even your identity can seem blurry, like part of you is missing.


Unresolved grief can physically manifest and seriously affect your overall health.


Time, itself, does not heal all wounds. Counting the days since... seems to make things worse.


Family & friends aren’t fully equipped to understand, or help you heal & rebuild.


Despite how things may look and feel right now, living "Happily EVEN After" can be an option.

Learning how to ride the waves of emotions was very helpful.’s one of the most difficult things to deal with.


Touching the Surface

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